We live to create memories, working to build networks and relationships, living a meaningful life and helping those in need.


Bondbuilder is a company that focus on provide services to small businesses, helping the owners to regain confidence and to aid the owners on their dreams.

Our mission is to help owners all around the world, as we need to start on a small area, we will begin to provide services on Latin America first.

We first provide a fast review to our client to let him know what he is missing or what he can get even better. Thanks to the internet we have a lot of information to provide this service, to begin a conversation with our customers, without spend a dime.

We provide services such as Strategic planning , Marketing plan , CRM , and Advanced analytics (forecasting and prediction).

. Strategic planning – For those that are looking to have a better understanding of their business, for those that lost sight of hope and want to be back in track, and for those that want to make a difference into their life. Strategic planning will provide you with: Vision, Mission, Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats, Strategic Goals, Strategic Activities, and a Workplan.

. Marketing plan – For those that are looking to get more customers, to expand a brand, or to increase their partnerships. Marketing planning will provide you with: Get to know where your customers are, and, Channels to advertise your products. Our marketing follow-up your brand, your vision and your mission, we want your business to have a short- and long-term goal, that way your business will have an alignment with what really matters to yourself.

. CRM and Advanced analytics – We offer a bonus service for those who are our partners helping them to have a better understanding of how to have consistency and to know what might happen during the year. Our templates cover everything that a small business would need, making your life easier.

I'am Davi Rodrigues

A young entrepreneur that is always looking towards expanding his knowledge and relationship. Focusing on small businesses that got into a bad situation.

I decided to start this project after I have moved to Chile and seeing that small businesses owner lost their motivation to get it going, talked with a few owners on different kind of industries, and it was really sad to see that they had no hope for their own future.

That is why I am here at the moment helping those businesses with the focus on simple CRM for those that does not understand much about technology, Strategic Planning, Marketing plan, Forecasting, and Prediction.


Email us if you want to be part of our network, or if you have any question, we are here to help.

Glad to answer at [email protected] .